Bali Net Fisherman At Sunrise

After four days in Bali it was time to once again to set the alarm for an ungodly hour. The weather was looking more promising than it had been for the past couple of days and there was every chance of being able to capture a decent sunrise. The first port of call was Sanur Beach. Sanur is where Bali’s first beach resorts were established. It is particularly popular with families as a reef and breakwater help to keep the water calm. Sanur is also much more relaxed than the hectic tourist hotspots to the South such as Kuta and Seminyak.

Sanur Beach Net Fisherman

Just off the the beach at Sanur is a small man made island with two pretty ornamental pergolas. This provides a wonderful backdrop for sunrise photography. The final ingredient for a quality photographic session is to add the human element. What better than a local cast net fisherman. The following are the result of putting these all together.

Bali Net Fisherman

Balinese Fisherman Casting Net

Although slight in build and advanced in years, the fisherman cast his net with skill over and over again.

Fisherman Casting Net

Bali Fisherman

I was advised by the friendly fisherman that success in throwing a cast net hinges on how it is folded. He also showed me some of his catch of small fish that were no more than a few inches long. They would be taken home and fried whole.

Bali Fisherman

Net Fisherman at Sunrise

With each throw the colours of the sky changed and the clouds slowly closed in. I love sunrises and sunsets because every scene and every image is so different.

Net Fisherman at Sunrise

God Beams at Sanur Beach, Bali

As the clouds rapidly closed in God-Beams shone through the small gaps that remained. Net Fisherman at Sanur beach

Sanur Beach Sunrise

A lovely young lady asked to be included in the photo shoot and her presence perfectly complemented the calm water and soft colours of the sky. Sanur Beach Sunrise

Bali Portraits in Black & White

I have tended to stay away from portraits as I feel more comfortable with landscape photography. However, during my recent visit to Bali I took hundreds of portraits and have converted some of them to black and white. I hope you like them.

Bali is a small island in the Indonesian archipelago with a population of just over four million. Tourism is the major contributor to GDP but agriculture is the biggest employer. The people of Bali are warm and friendly and make wonderful subjects for portrait photography. The following are black and white images of everyday life in Bali taken during my recent trip.

Bali Street Vendor

I came across this street vendor during a cremation ceremony in Ubud. He was doing a roaring trade due to the large number of guests. I was one of his many satisfied customers.

Bali Portraits - Street Vendor

Spice Maker – Bali Portraits

Portraits are best when they are natural and unexpected. I was so glad to come across a lady using a large pestle and mortar to grind spices in a small storeroom off the main road. I was even happier when she agreed to allow me to take her photo.

Bali Portraits - Spice Maker

Man With Prize Cockerel – Bali Portraits

Happiness and a wide smile brighten any photo. This delightful man literally rocked with laughter each time I snapped his image.

Bali Portraits - Prize Cockerel

Attending A Cremation Ceremony – Bali Portraits

Bali Portraits - Cremation Ceremony

Bali Corn Vendor

Corn or ‘Jagung’ grilled over hot coals is popular meal in Bali. Just add salt and coarse pepper and you have a tasty filling snack.

Bali Portraits - Corn Vendor

Lady and Carved Door – Bali Portraits

Bali Door Lady

Bali Rice Farmer

The majority of Balinese farmers work in the terraced rice fields. This old gentleman was more than happy for me to take a few snaps of him going about his daily tasks. Although, I am not too sure whether he was meaning to make the particular sign in the photo.

Bali Portraits - Rice Farmer

Images of Exmouth, Western Australia

This is my second post with images of Exmouth and will include very little narrative as much has already been said about this exquisite region in Western Australia.

Turquoise Bay, Exmouth

Turquoise Bay is often rated as Western Australia’s top beach and is renowned for calm clear water, superb snorkelling and white sand. There is the added advantage that the water remains warm throughout the year.

Turquoise Bay, Exmouth

Yardie Creek, Cape Range National Park

Yardie Creek gorge is ninety kilometres from Exmouth. I highly recommend a boat cruise up the gorge. This is a relaxing way to admire the red limestone cliff faces and potentially get a glimpse of a black-footed rock wallaby. This rare animal lives in the cavities on the cliff faces.Yardie Creek, Cape Range National Park

Cape Range National Park Sunset, Exmouth

Cape Range National Park is situated on the west side of the North West Cape adjacent to the Ningaloo Marine Park. There are ample access roads from Yardie Creek road to places of interest and to the ever changing ocean.Exmouth WA Sunset

Yardie Creek Panorama

Yardie Creek Panorama

Carnarvon- The Road Home

The recreational harbour in Carnarvon is naturally protected by outlying sandy islands and mangroves. Palm trees add to aesthetic beauty of this already pleasing waterfront area.

Carnarvon, Western Australia