Bremer Bay Landscapes

Bremer Bay, WA, Australia

Bremer Bay is a resort and fishing village in the Great Southern Region of Western Australia. Despite being a drive of over five hundred kilometres from Perth, an increasing number of state capital residents are making the journey to this small hamlet to experience nature at its finest. The coastline is rugged and rocky but also has many pristine sandy white beaches. There are no less than sixteen beaches in or in close proximity to Bremer Bay. Each of these beaches offers a different experience.

Native Dog Beach

Native Dog beach is renowned for its long rolling waves which are highly prized by surfers and body boarders.

When I arrived in Bremer Bay the skies were clear and the sun was shining. However, by the end of the second day, the storm clouds had rolled in. By the start of the third day, the skies had opened and the rain came bucketing down.

001a Bremer Bay 152.4 Native Dog Beach

Bremer Bay Beaches

The southern coastline of Western Australia is well-known for its brilliantly white sandy beaches and clear turquoise sea. Bremer Bay is no exception and has a beach for every taste. These range from protected coves to wild beaches with powerful waves. Beachsafe,  Western Australia allocates hazard ratings to beaches and the following is a list of the Bremer Bay beaches.

John Cove  – (low hazard)

Back Beach – (moderate hazard)

Blossom Beach – (moderate hazard)

Native Dog Beach – (high hazard)

Bremer Beach – (high hazard)

Little Boat Harbour – (low hazard)

North Little Boat Harbour – (moderate hazard)

Fishery Beach – (low hazard)

Short Beach – (moderate hazard)

Banky Beach – (high hazard)

Dillon Beach – (high hazard)

West Dillon Beach – (moderate hazard)

Peppermint Beach – (moderate hazard)

Tooregullup – (moderate hazard)

Port Henry – (low hazard)

House Beach – (low hazard)

001a Bremer Bay 95 Black Rock Beach

Bremer Bay Sunset, Western Australia

I always marvel at the beauty of Western Australian sunsets. Bremer Bay is no exception and has the added benefits of a rocky coastline and lack of people.

Bremer Bay Sunset

Black Rock Beach

Bremer Bay, Black Rock Beach

Bremer Bay Pelicans

I was lucky enough to capture these pelicans preening and cleaning themselves all at the same time.

Bremer Bay Pelicans