Imire Game Park, Zimbabwe

Imire Rhino Conservation Project

Imire Wildlife Park in the Mashonaland province of Zimbabwe is world renowned for its Black Rhino conservation work. Imire’s mission is to protect wildlife, nurture and grow the environment and ensure the wellbeing of the surrounding community. This is my penultimate post on this truly amazing place. Enjoy the photos:

Imire Black Rhino

Imire Black Rhino Conservation

The Imire Nature Experience

There is far more to Imire than just the wildlife and landscapes. I came across a collection of glistening spider webs on an early morning walk.

Nature at Imire Game Park

The Feeding Giraffe

Imire Giraffe

Mystical Imire Game Park

Mystical Imire Dam

Imire Zebra

Imire Zebra

Orchids in Bloom

Orchids of Australia and South East Asia

I have long been been captivated by the beauty of orchids and love to capture their beauty whenever I come across a plant that is in full bloom. The following were taken over the last few months.

Phalaenopsis Cultivar – Purple

Phalaenopsis Cultivar

Phalaenopsis Amabilis – Purple Labellum

 Phalaenopsis Amabilis – Purple Labellum

Phalaenopsis Amabilis – Yellow Labellum

Phalaenopsis Amabilis – Yellow Labellum

Dendrobium Enobi Purple

Dendrobium Enobi Purple

Vanda Pachara Delight

Vanda Pachara Delight

Butterflies of Cambodia (part 2)

South Africa Tour

I am travelling in South Africa over the next couple of weeks and have left pre-prepared posts for the time that I am away. This week I return to the majestical butterflies of Cambodia.

Common Cruiser (Vindula Erota)

Common Cruiser Butterfly

Leopard Lacewing (Cethosia Cyane Euanthes)

A leopard lacewing sucking nectar from a Marigold.

Leopard Lacewing

Common Birdwing Male (Troides Helena)

Common Birdwing Male

Common Rose (Pachliopta aristolochiae)

common Rose

The Yellow Moth (Dysphania Sagana)

Moths are often disregarded as dull coloured insects. However, I was surprised at the number of stunning colourful moths that are common to Cambodia. One example is the Yellow Moth, it has a beautiful yellow body and inner wings.  It is also adorned with stunning black and white patterned outer wings.

Yellow Moth

Common Birdwing Female (Troides Helena)

Butterflies differ from male to female in numerous different ways but one of the most common trends is for the former to be far more colourful than the latter. This is evident with the Common Birdwing where the body of the male is a bright yellow with touches of black and red compared to dull blacks and greys for the female.

Common Birdwing Female