Esperance, Western Australia – Conclusion

This post marks the end of my photographic journal of Esperance and the surrounding area. I hope you have enjoyed the images of this picturesque region in Western Australia.

Twilight Beach – Esperance

001h Esperance 531

Canola Field – Esperance Region

Canola Field - Esperance Region

Stirling Range – Western Australia

Stirling Range – Western Australia

Esperance CoastlineEsperance Coastline

  Esperance Stonehenge

Esperance Stonehenge

Wheat Field – Esperance RegionWheat Field - Esperance Region

Thistle Cove, Cape Le Grand National Park

Cape Le Grand National Park is renowned for having some of the most splendid beaches in Australia, including the perfectly white Thistle Cove.

Thistle Cove – Eastern Section

This is the sight that you will experience when you walk on to the beach from the car park at Thistle Cove in South Western Australia’s Cape Le Grand National Park.

Thistle Cove Beach

Thistle Cove – Beach Walk

The beach is made up of the whitest of white sand and small outcrops of richly coloured granite rocks.

Thistle Cove Rocks, Esperance

Thistle Cove – Western End

The western headland of Thistle Cove has a wonderful little hideaway for sun and beach lovers.Thistle Cove, Australia

Frenchman Peak – Close to Thistle Cove

Frenchman Peak is a short drive from Thistle Cove and is an excellent spot to hike and explore.

Frenchman Peak, Cape Le Grand National Park

Cape Le Grand National Park – Sunset

A panoramic view awaits you from the top of Frenchman Peak. This is an excellent spot to take in a magnificent coastal scene and glorious sunset.

Cape Le Grand Coast

The Road to Cape Le Grand National Park

Interesting temporary pans form during the wet season at the side of the road between Esperance and Cape Le Grand National Park.

Road to Cape Le Grand National Park

South Western Australia

I have once again built a backlog of photographs waiting to be published and, in particular,  still have a number of submissions from the beautiful South Western Australia. In order to catch up, I will be posting three times over the next two weeks to bring to a close my journey to Albany and Esperance.

Esperance Tanker Jetty

Esperance Tanker Jetty

Stirling Range – South Western Australia

The Stirling Range (Koikyennuruff) is a range of mountains and hills in the Great Southern district of Western Australia. It is a popular destination with hikers who seek out the mountain views, wildflowers, birds and animal life.

Stirling Range - Western Australia

Wharton Beach – Esperance

Wharton Beach is located about a hundred kilometres east of the coastal resort town of Esperance. It is situated just outside the Cape Grand National Park and its remote location means it is never crowded. Wharton Beach Esperance

Canola Fields in Blossom – South Western Australia

Canola is grown by farmers in South Western Australia as an alternative to wheat.

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Thistle Cove – Esperance

Walking west along Thistle Cove Beach takes you to a granite headland where the views across the bay are magnificent.

001f Esperance 957.8

The Gap  – Albany

The Gap is an impressive granite channel carved into the rocky coastline by the waves of the robust Southern Ocean. It is located in the Torndirrup National Park and is in close proximity to the The Natural Bridge.001f Esperance 294

Esperance Bird & Animal Park

The Esperance Bird and Animal park is an ideal outing for the whole family when visiting Esperance. There is a wide range of both exotic and local birds plus a significant number of mostly domestic animals to pet and feed.

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