The Esperance Experience

If you are looking for a beach holiday destination in Paradise then look no further than Esperance in South Western Australia. The beaches are unbelievably white and uncrowded. The water is an inviting azure colour and the scenery is out of this world.

Thistle Cove – Esperance

Thistle Cove is one of a number of acclaimed beaches in Cape Le Grande National Park and, despite this, it is seldom crowded. Not only is the beach spectacular but so is the surrounding bushland and granite headlands.

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Esperance Agriculture

Esperance is home to just under ten thousand people and its major industries are tourism, agriculture and fishing. The main crops grown in the region are wheat and to a lesser extent canola. If you time your visit right, the roads leading to Esperance are line with fields of gold and yellow as the wheat ripens and the canola plants blossom.

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Esperance Countryside

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Albany, Western Australia

Albany is less than five hours drive from Perth and is an excellent stopover for anyone visiting Esperance. I only spent a day in Albany and decided that it is a destination well worth visiting in future.

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Frenchman Peak – Esperance

Visitors to the Esperance region should set aside time to drive to Frenchman Peak and hike to the cave that is close to its summit.

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Whistling Rock – Thistle Cove 001d Esperance 731

The Road To Esperance – Western Australia

720 kilometres may seem like a long way to travel to get to a beach but Esperance is definitely worth the long haul from Perth. Even the drive is an adventure, with beautiful scenery and lots of interesting attractions along the way. Here are just a few of the sights to be experienced. I have also included the ultimate prize when you get to the end of your journey. I have fallen in love with this diverse region of Western Australia.

Lucky Bay – Cape Le Grande National Park

The whitest sandy beaches you can imagine plus clear blue water are the hallmark of the coastal region in and around Esperance.  There are four National Parks to visit in the area where the emphasis in each is preservation of the natural environment. Lucky Bay is protected from the rips. It is the perfect place to spend the day swimming and hiking along the coastal track. This immaculate bay arguably has the whitest sand of any beach in Australia.

Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grande

Natural Bridge – Albany

The Natural Bridge is in the Torndirrup National Park near Albany in South Western Australia. It is  a granite formation that looks like a giant rock bridge.

Natural Bridge, Albany

Lily Dutch Windmill, Amelup, Western Australia

The Lily Windmill is an authentic sixteenth Century design brick ground-sail mill. The windmill is ninety kilometres north of Albany on the road to Esperance. Lily Dutch Windmill, Amelup

Wave Rock – Hyden

Wave Rock, which is close to Hyden, is an excellent place for a pit stop on route from Perth to Esperance. It is a granite rock formation that is shaped like a giant ocean breaking wave. The rock reaches fourteen metres in height and extends for one hundred and ten metres.

Wave Rock

Twilight Beach – Esperance

There are a number of beautiful beaches close to the town of Esperance itself. The most notable being West Beach, Blue Haven, Salmon Bay and Twilight Beach. The latter beach stretches for just over three kilometres. It has the distinction of being voted most popular beach in Western AustraliaTwilight Beach, Esperance

Frenchman Peak – Cape Le Grande National Park

I was totally captivated by the views and the mystery of the large cave that is close to the summit of Frenchman Peak. The stormy skies and fading light of dusk added to the mystical feeling. A brisk hike from the base to the summit takes about half an hour.

Frenchman Peak – Cape Le Grande National Park

Esperance & The Surrounding Area, Western Australia

Esperance is situated in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia and is the gateway to some of the most beautiful coastline in Australia. There are four national parks in the surrounding area. These protected areas have been responsible for preserving the natural beauty of the region. The coastline would have to rate as some of the most beautiful in Australia, if not in the world! I am already planning my next trip to this stunning part of Southern Ocean coastline. 

West Beach – Esperance

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Esperance Tanker Jetty

The Deepwater Wharf or Tanker Jetty was opened in 1935 and was mostly used to unload bulk fuel and load grain for export. The jetty was last used commercially in the mid 1980’s. The aging structure will be demolished in the next few months and a new structure will be built sometime in the future.

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Australia’s Own Stonehenge

The Esperance Stonehenge is a full scale replica of the original Stonehenge in the United Kingdom. It has been set out to look like Sonehenge did in 1950 BC.

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Cable Beach – Albany

Cable Beach is in Torndirrup National Park, just a short drive from Albany. I stayed overnight in Albany in order to break the long drive to Esperance.

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Alpaca – South Western Australia

An alpaca stands amongst wildflowers on a farm close to Esperance.

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Mt Hassel, Western Australia

The peak of Mt Hassel, Stirling Range is a challenge  for unfit weekend climbers. The scramble over rocks and through dense bush is worth it though, as the view from the summit is amazing. It is advisable to give yourself a few hours to summit Mt Hassel, enjoy the view and then wend your way down again.001b Esperance 349