Duke of Orleans Bay – Esperance

Duke of Orleans Bay is an eighty kilometre drive east of Esperance. It is situated just outside Cape Le Grande National Park. It might seem like a long drive but the surrounding coastline has some of the best beaches in Australia. Wharton Beach is one of the gems in the area and, for me, it is the most stunning beach I have ever visited.

Wharton Beach Twilight, Duke of Orleans Bay

As the sun dips below the horizon it is sometimes possible to get a clear image of the landscape coupled with the beautiful colours of a sunset. I was lucky enough to get the image below of my favourite stretch of coastline, Wharton Beach. Notice the only footprints on the beach are my own. This is paradise!

Wharton Beach, Duke of Orleans Bay

Duke of Orleans Bay – Sandspit

Duke of Orleans Bay is is nestled between Cape le Grand and Cape Arid National Parks. The sixty metre high granite headland at the car-park end of the bay is a superb place to take in the sunset.

Duke of Orleans Bay

Wharton Beach Surfing

Wharton Beach is located less than three kilometres west of Duke of Orleans Bay. It is the most popular surfing spot in the area. My nephew, Matteo, braved the cold water and tricky rip to have an afternoon of surfing that he will remember for life.

Duke of Orleans Bay - Surfing

Duke of Orleans Bay Silhouette

The Duke of Orleans Bay beach slopes very gradually out to sea. This makes it a perfect spot to capture the clouds reflecting off the water as the tide reaches towards the highest point.

Duke of Orleans Bay Silhouette

Wharton Beach Sunset, Esperance

Wharton Beach at the end of the day is very likely to be deserted. It is also very hard to beat the beautiful sunsets that you will experience on a partly cloudy evening.

Wharton Beach Sunset, Duke of Orleans Bay