Esperance, Western Australia Attractions

Frenchman’s Peak Cave, Esperance

Cape Le Grand National Park is a wonderful day’s outing when visiting Esperance in South Western Australia. The park has a number of exquisite beaches and other attractions. These include Frenchman’s peak which is close to world renowned Lucky Bay.

A hike to the summit up along the east slope of Frenchmans Peak is rewarded with spectacular views over Cape Le Grande National Park. A large open ended cave near the summit is thought to have been formed about forty million years ago.  Wave action and underwater currents eroded the rocks. At the time, the sea was more than three hundred metres above current levels.Frenchmans Peak Cave, Esperance

Esperance Sunset

A beautiful rugged coastline, clean air and a wild sea are perfect for producing stunning sunsets. All of these ingredients are abundant in the area around Esperance.

Esperance Sunset

Observatory Beach Steps

Observatory Beach is five kilometres south/west of Esperance along the Twilight Beach Road.  This spot has an elevated lookout and winding wooden steps down to the beach below. Observatory Beach’s great appeal is the outstanding kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Observatory Beach, Esperance

Lucky Bay Kangaroo

Cape Le Grande National Park is just over fifty kilometres east of Esperance. Lucky Bay is the most popular beach in the park. It is also the most likely spot to find a kangaroo roaming on the beach.

Lucky Bay, Esperance

Twilight Beach Sunrise

A seven kilometre drive west of Esperance will get you to Twilight Beach. Twilight beach is the most popular beach in the immediate vicinity of the Town. An early riser will be rewarded with an amazing sunrise from the western end of this beach.

Twilight Beach Sunrise, Esperance

Lucky Bay Panorama

Lucky Bay has been heralded by a number of publications as Australia’s whitest beach. A panorama is an appropriate way to herald the sheer beauty of this amazing stretch of coastline.

Lucky Bay Panorama, Esperance