Perth – City & Surf

This is my final post of 2016 and I felt it was appropriate to end the year with photos of my home city, Perth, Australia. I wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the very best for 2017. May all your dreams come true.

Perth is renowned for its beautiful sandy white beaches which stretch for miles and are not congested like many of the well known beach destinations around the globe. It is less known for the city itself which is small in comparison to its more illustrious east coast peers such as Sydney and Melbourne. Perth has been receiving a facelift over the last few years and is becoming increasingly attractive as a city destination. This week’s post shows both sides of Perth with evening shots of both the beaches and the city centre.

Scarborough Beach South, Perth

Scarborough beach is one of the most popular tourist beaches in Perth and has visitors almost all year round. If you want solitude, however, you only have to walk a few hundred metres to the north or the south and will invariably find space to yourself.

Scarborough South, Perth

Perth City Centre

A late night walk along the deserted streets of Perth City Centre is both peaceful and safe.

Hay Street, Perth

Sorrento, Perth

The suburb of Sorrento has a rocky coastline which is well known for its excellent snorkelling and is a superb place to catch the setting sun.

Sorrento, Perth

The Colours of Perth’s Nightscape

The many colours of Perth reflect off the Swan River.

Perth City Night

Perth Train Station

Perth city is renowned for its modern infrastructure and cleanliness. It also has an excellent public transport system.

Perth Train Station

Next week’s post will again be devoted to the contrasting beauty of Perth’s city centre and it’s magnificent coastline.