Victoria Falls – The Splendour of

I continue this week with more images of Victoria Falls. It is almost impossible to capture the full splendour of this 108 metre high and over 1700 metre long marvel of nature.

Victoria Falls Rain Forest

The Victoria Falls Rainforest is an area of dense woodland vegetation which is very different from the surrounding vegetation. It stays lush and green all year round and has developed as a result of and nourished by the constant spray from the waterfall. This dense forest only exists where there is year round spray from the waterfall.

Victoria Falls Rain Froest

Victoria Falls – Main Section

It is not always possible to get a clear photo of the main section of the falls due to the heavy mist.

Victoria Falls - Main Falls

Bushtracks Express Steam Locomotive

The locomotive pulling the Bushtracks Express train is steam driven and adds to the nostalgia of this relaxing sunset tour. Guests are welcomed aboard with a drink and red carpet. Boarding takes place through the lounge car where more drinks and snacks are offered and guests can get comfortable before starting the journey to the Victoria Falls Bridge and back.

Bushtracks Express Steam Locomotive

Victoria Falls – Aerial View

Taking a helicopter flight over the falls is the best way to appreciate the sheer size of this natural wonder.

04 Vic Falls 71.73

African Grey Hornbill in Breeding Plumage

The Grey Hornbill is a common resident in open woodland and savannah areas of Southern Africa. It feeds mainly on insects, seeds, rodents, fruit and small reptiles.

04 Vic Falls 372

The Mist of Victoria Falls

Every view of Victoria Falls is different and it’s sheer power, size and beauty never ceases to amaze me.

Victoria Falls Mist

Elephants from the Sky

The helicopter pilots of Zambezi Helicopter Company stay at a safe distance from wildlife in order not to startle them and cause anxiety.

Victoria Falls - Elephants from Helicopter

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